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SEO Competitor Analysis

Vital Information for Positioning Your Site on Google

The Importance of Understanding Your Competitors’ SEO Efforts

Everybody wants to know what their competitors are doing, but from an SEO standpoint, understanding how your competitors are ranked on Google compared to your site is an important step toward improving your own site’s SEO rankings.

SEO competitor analysis will provide valuable information on:

  • How well your primary competitors are ranked on Google
  • Which keywords for which your competitors are ranked on Page 1 of Google
  • How many backlinks you and your competitors have
  • An overall understanding of the effort that will be required for your site to compete on Page 1 of Google with other sites that have earned Page 1 Google rankings.

How to Use SEO Competitor Research

Our SEO Competitor Analysis should be used at the start of any major website redesign, to help guide decisions on how you will optimize your site for peak performance on Google.

This research also is helpful on a periodic basis to track your site’s performance against primary competitors, to make tweaks to your SEO program.

This information is automatically included in our SEO Keyword Research program for companies building a new website, redesigning their site or implementing SEO for the first time. It also is available as a part of our SEO program or as a standalone SEO Competitor Analysis project.