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About Us

Why Work with Pilot Fish

Pilot Fish is an Ohio SEO and web design agency that specializes in B2B Internet marketing for industrial companies located throughout the United States.


With more than 25 years’ experience working with a wide variety of industrial companies, we’ve gained an understanding of and appreciation for the unique challenges that industrial businesses face. You won’t pay for our learning curve because we’ve already dealt with what you’re experiencing.


We launched our web design company 3 years before the existence of Google, and B2B SEO became our main focus after the launch of Google. No one knows SEO better than us. Our laser-focused efforts on SEO and web design for industrial companies make us the best B2B SEO agency for your needs.


Through many successful projects over the past 25 years, our B2B SEO agency has been able to develop a web design and SEO process that works, incorporating elements that ensure results for our customers:


Pilot Fish clients generate on average 54% of their website traffic from one source: Google’s organic search results! And half of our clients generate more!